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Freewil vs Sin Nature.

Ex Mormon Confession.

Sin Nature Heresy 2.

Darkness and Light.

The Old Is Better.

Faith, or Faith Alone.

The Spirit vs the Flesh.

I dropped out and have no regrets.

Well meaning people find it strange that i do not belong to any institutional church and invite me along to their particular institutional church to what turns out to be a social gathering. Nothing has changed over the years, the service is made up of a few songs, some announcements, the offertory and some more songs followed by a bland sermon given by the CEO of the group often with a title like Reverend or Pastor, and this will be the same next week, next month and all the years to come, the audience are passive spectators denied any opportunity to exercise spiritual gifts the way the meetings did in the early days of Christianity, outside of the Sunday get together there is plenty of activity which is supposed to equate to some sort of spirituality, no thanks.

The Master knows how to teach.

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Receiving the spirit of truth.

Anti-Zionist Holocaust Survivors at Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

The joy of having grandchildren.

There is a special connection with grandchildren that is for me anyway different to what occurred with our own children, raising your own children as a father was challenged by the necessity to work for a living, as a grandparent there is more time to spend teaching and listening. When grandchildren enter the school system in high school and encounter the teaching of evolution in various forms it opens the way to bring to the fore knowledge gained over a lifetime to counter this indoctrination, the man that has had the pleasure to raise children has a double dose where grandchildren are involved, i thank God for this blessing

Rabbis protesting AIPAC convention.

How to become a constitutional expert on money.

Catholicism or Protestantism is there a difference?

There is without any doubt the fact that the reformation and the forming of the protestant movement produced anything that could be termed restoration of NT Christianity as practiced in the first few decades after the resurrection of Jesus.
The protestant denominations may not engage in the worship of Mary, the Mass, indulgences, purgatory and the reliance of the Pope to set the agenda to name a few distinctives belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, but many other practices have been incorporated into the protestant movement unrelated to the early followers of Jesus.
The Mass has been replaced by the Sermon, the priest has been replaced by the Pastor or some other title placing in most cases a single individual through which all others are secondary. Churches are now institutions with constitutions and a myriad of laws and by laws, membership is exclusive and only open to those that agree with certain doctrines, rules and regulations, you must follow the party line. These same groups on the one hand will say we are not under the law, but impose tithing on members. The issue of Bible Colleges/Schools degrees and doctorates where some can and do insist in being called doctor, the merchandising of the Gospel which eliminates the poor getting access to a mountain of material, the suppression of spiritual gifts by way of forcing members to be faithful in attendance but passive has produced almost something akin to a circus

Ex Mormon Testimony.

Sinful Nature is a Heresy.

Can the Jews stop Putin?

President Reagan got the wall removed, the Church needs to remove it's wall.

I believe with a passion that until Christianity gets back to the structure of community life built on Judaism the decline of the Church must continue. President Reagan has a famous quote relating to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, Christianity needs to tear down the wall between the clergy and the laity, the sooner the better, if Christians are to achieve any meaningful credibility in society. Christianity is not producing disciples it is simply increasing membership in various denominations where the spotlight falls on an individual man or woman who takes away personal responsibility for a mere ten percent, and the people love it. A well robed choir or rock band can make some interlude before the main event, the Sermon. The sermon is the high point of the week and allows the sheep to kill time before important things such as sport or recreation.
A New Testament church should involve all those present to have an active part in coming together for praise worship and the building up of the people in an open mike situation, not a passive role.

What is a Christian?

What is a Christian, the answer is not simple it can be something oversimplified like believe in/on Him accept Him and ask Him into your heart, sometimes to be a follower. Lifes experiences have taught me that a Christian follower of Jesus makes Him Lord and places the individual in the position of a loyal servant and a living sacrifice, mere words are not enough for a true servant it must be seen in our actions towards our God and Saviour and of course our neighbour, our neighbour is not only those that live close by.
Many say that it isn't necessary to do good deeds to do such is to add to the gift of salvation these individuals are simply biblically ignorant, others say faith alone is all we need to be saved these too are biblically ignorant, to put it in simple terms God wants His servants to be obedient to His word by our actions, not lip service.

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